President’s Message

We have roots in "Taiyo Kaiun Kabushiki Kaisha" which we called "The Ocean Transport Company Ltd" and was established in 1917 in Kobe, Japan by Mr. Sadaji Ishida and like-minded people. The founder established the company with the aim to change the situation where ocean going transport was dominated by Western great powers. "Without being carried away by the current war economy, Japanese cargo transport by Japanese must be established before the end of the war, otherwise we will be left with great regret." “By operating vessels and transporting cargoes, we can truly contribute to the country as a shipping company in Japan. Japanese vessels are operated by Japanese. Japanese cargoes are transported by Japanese vessels. And additionally advancing into intermediary trade in the future, raise the company flag over the 5 oceans!"

Due to the World War II, their owned vessels were devastated, but the company was rebuilt with 2 remaining vessels and joined K Line Group by government-led consolidation of maritime industry in 1964.

With a history of over 100 years, we have our head office in Kobe and overseas office in the Philippines, Germany and U.K. to provide high quality of ship management and achieve safe operation and environment protection with high skill and trust.We especially focus on education and training to secure competent crew, for example founding K Line Maritime Academy in Manila in cooperation with K Line and supporting education and training of Naval Academy in Bulgaria.

We will try our best to provide high-quality transport service which is eco-friendly for times needs.
Taiyo Nippon Kisen Co.,Ltd.
President : Shunichi Arisaka



The company was estabilished as a shipowner in 1917 and has it’s headquarters in Kobe, Japan. Today the company’s main activities involve ship management. Together with the group companies TNKC-ROHQ in Philippines, Stargate Shipmanagement GmbH in Germany, Stargate Maritime Ltd. in Bulgaria and Stargate Ukraine, the TNKC group manages more than 100 vessels and over 2000 seafarers.